Tableau T35es Forensic Bridge

Tableau T35es Forensic Bridge

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Tableau T35es Forensic Bridge

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  • An Essential Component of any Forensic Kit 

    The T35es eSATA Forensic Bridge offers more native host computer and device connection options than any other write-blocker available today. With the T35es in your forensic toolkit, you'll have a robust and reliable forensic bridge with four different host interface connections (eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB), and two device-side connections (SATA and IDE).

    The T35es is the first Tableau bridge with an eSATA host connection. The eSATA interface will allow forensic practitioners to acquire images of SATA and IDE subject drives at a faster rate than FireWire 800.

    Optional Kit Available which includes (Add $99):

    ·          One Tableau T35es FireWire to SATA/IDE eSATA Bridge
    ·          One 8 inch red SATA signal flat cable
    ·          One eSATA signal flat cable (1 meter in length)
    ·          One 8 inch IDE Cable
    ·          One SATA 15-pin to Female Molex Cable
    ·          One Female to Female Molex Power Cable
    ·          One P9 to P9 FireWire Cable
    ·          One P9 to P4 FireWire Cable Adapter
    ·          One P9 to P6 FireWire Cable Adapter
    ·          One Mini Type B to USB Cable
    ·          One Tableau TP2 Power Supply with A/C Power Cord



    eSATA Forensic Bridge

    Tableau Model T35es-R2/T35es-R2-RW

    Connectors: Host Side


    One eSATA Signal Connector


    Two 9-pin FireWire800 (1394B)

    One 6-pin FireWire400 (1394A)


    One USB Mini-B (5 pin, USB2.0 high/full/low speed)

    DC Input

    DC In: 5-pin Mini-DIN connector for use with Tableau TP2 power supply

    Connectors: Device Side


    SATA Signal Connector


    IDE Signal Connector

    DC Output

    4-pin male "drive power" connector (power to SATA or IDE hard disk)


    Power Button

    Toggles DC power for T35es-R2 and T35es-R2-RW

    DIP Switch

    4-position DIP switch configures user-selectable options

    (DIP Switches can be accessed by removing a knock-out panel on the side of the T35es-R2 case)

    Other Features

    Status LEDs

    7 LEDs: DC IN good, Power ON, IDE drive detected, SATA drive detected, Host connected, Write-block enabled, Drive activity

    Factory Configuration

    Black-case units are configured as read-only (model T35es-R2)

    Yellow-case units are configured as read-write (model T35es-R2-RW)


    SATA Devices

    SATA 1 or SATA 2 hard disk devices

    IDE Devices

    Parallel ATA hard disk devices with LBA (Logical Block Addressing) support

    Host Interface

    eSATA, FireWire800/400, and USB 2.0

    Host O/S

    Windows XP/2000/newer, Macintosh OS X, most Linux distributions (note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for FireWire 1394 A/B and USB2.0)

    Physical / Environmental


    5-6 watts typical operating (not including hard disk)

    Supply voltage (DC IN)

    +5VDC @ 2A, +12VDC @ 2A (includes budget for hard disk)

    Output voltage (DC OUT)

    +5VDC @ 1A, +12VDC @ 1A


    5.75 in. (L) x 3.25 in. (W) x 1.125 in. (H)


    6.1oz (172g)

    Operating temperature range

    0 to 55 degrees C (no airflow)

    Storage temperature range

    -40 to 70 degrees C

    Relative humidity

    Up to 90% (non-condensing)


    One years parts and workmanship from date of purchase



Tableau Cable Kit [Add $99.00]
Tableau Cable Kit

Base Price: $279.00
Customized Price: $279.00